Taylor Swift Could Make Money From Her Concert Film Three Times Over


Taylor Swift is not hurting for money, that’s for sure. The superstar’s net worth recently passed the $1 billion mark, according to Forbes. She got to that incredible milestone by being talented, working incredibly hard, and being very smart about how she can earn the most from the art she produces.

The singer’s net worth grew recently thanks to the millions she’s currently earning from her The Eras Tour. The concert trek is well on its way to becoming the most successful venture of all time, an honor it may earn in 2024 when Swift picks it back up.

The Eras Tour has turned out to be an incredible cash cow for Swift, one that just keeps on giving. In fact, the Grammy winner may have found a way to make millions from the trek several times over.

Billboard reports that The Eras Tour has raked in at least $900 million in grosses, according to estimates. That sum is sure to climb, and perhaps even double, before she’s done with this trek. She takes home millions each night, so every concert makes her a richer and richer woman.

Then there’s her movie, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, which hit theaters in October and instantly became not only a financial success, but the top-grossing concert film of all time in the U.S. The title has earned at least a quarter of a billion dollars at the box office, and with a deal that cuts out the typical studio middleman in Hollywood, Swift and her team pocket more per ticket sale than in many instances.

But wait, there’s more! The singer announced recently that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will be available to watch at home sooner than many expected. The title will be rentable starting on December 13, her birthday. Swift will surely earn another sizable paycheck as Swifties all around the world rush to watch the hours-long concert film on their own TVs. She incentivized fans to rent it by extending the movie, adding several songs not seen in theaters.

How much Swift will earn when Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is rented by thousands, if not millions, of fans, is yet to be seen. Those numbers may never be reported in full, nor what she actually makes from that part of the business, but she may not be done even then.

It’s not uncommon for popular movies to both be made available for rent and find their way to streaming platforms. They may not do so at the same time, but viewers usually have the option to rent or buy a film digitally or watch it via a streaming site they subscribe to. While it’s highly likely that all the major players in the streaming video space have reached out to the Grammy winner to acquire Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, so far, no announcement has been made.

If—or more likely, when—Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour does land on a streaming platform, it will net the chart-topper another grand payday. She may earn millions by selling the rights to the concert film, though how much is yet to be seen—if she does go this route, that is.

It takes a certain kind of business genius to not only reach the heights that Swift occupies in pop culture and the music industry, but to make millions from the same product several times over. The tens of millions she’s earned already from ticket sales to the theatrical run of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour would be more than enough for most stars, but she’s not most people, and she’s clearly wringing the film for all it’s worth—and it’s worth a lot.

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