Tcab Tech Secures $20 Million in Series A Funding from Exclusive Strategic Investors


Tcab Tech proudly announces the successful closure of its Series A funding round, securing a substantial investment of $20 million. Spearheaded by a prominent overseas investment firm, this funding infusion is poised to propel the company’s endeavors in product development and airworthiness certification.

Established in 2021, Shanghai-based TCab Technology Co., Ltd. (Tcab Tech) specializes in pioneering tiltrotor electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. With a steadfast commitment to providing safe and efficient aerial transportation solutions, Tcab Tech’s flagship product, the E20 eVTOL, epitomizes cutting-edge technology, boasting vertical takeoff capabilities, minimal noise levels, stringent safety protocols, and cost-effective manufacturing and operational features. These attributes perfectly align with the global emphasis on sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Industry experts classify eVTOL aircraft into three primary categories: multi-copters, lift-cruise, and vectored thrust, each tailored to specific use cases. Despite the engineering complexities associated with tiltrotor technology, Tcab Tech’s adoption of this innovative approach offers unparalleled advantages such as extended range and enhanced payload capacity. The successful maiden flight and initiation of tiltrotor testing for the E20 eVTOL signify a significant milestone for Tcab Tech, effectively bridging China’s technological gap in this field and garnering praise from industry insiders.

In tandem with solidifying its domestic foothold, Tcab Tech is actively expanding its global footprint. The company has cultivated strong ties with Belt and Road Initiative regions, including the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Strategic alliances with renowned overseas investment firms are driving exploration into “air taxi” applications in the Middle East, capitalizing on the burgeoning industry trend.

Having garnered notable investor attention since its inception, Tcab Tech has consistently attracted substantial funding, from its initial seed round to its Pre-A round in February 2023. Mr. Chen Weiguang, Managing Partner of Blue Horizon Ventures, underscores the eVTOL industry’s long-term growth potential, buoyed by supportive government policies. With the successful conclusion of the Series A strategic funding, Tcab Tech is poised to accelerate its product development and airworthiness certification processes. This strategic push aims to solidify the company’s position in the aerial transportation sector, facilitating safer and more seamless travel experiences for consumers.


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