Teachers are harnessing the power of the Go Public! Fund Education campaign to advocate for better status and working conditions.


    Inspired by the recommendations of the UN High-Level Panel on the Teaching Profession, which emphasize the need for adequate funding and support for teachers, educators in Cameroon are ramping up their efforts through the Go Public! Fund Education campaign.

    Despite facing chronic underinvestment in education, with Cameroon’s education budget falling well below UN-recommended levels, teacher unions are determined to push for change. Leaders from Education International’s affiliates in Cameroon, including FECASE, FESER, and SYNTESPRIC, are joining forces to advocate for increased investment in teachers and education.

    The lack of investment has led to declining teacher salaries, precarious employment conditions, and a diminishing respect for the teaching profession. This has resulted in a significant shortage of qualified teachers, prompting unions to organize and demand better funding for public education and improved teacher status.

    Roger Kaffo, General Secretary of FESER, highlights the importance of the UN High-Level Panel recommendations as a powerful advocacy tool. “Parents attending our events on these recommendations were impressed by their quality and started considering collaboration with teacher unions,” he notes.

    Participation in the Go Public! Fund Education campaign provides an opportunity for unions to lead and advocate for change. Through capacity-building activities across Cameroon’s regions and collaboration with key stakeholders, including parent and teacher associations, unions aim to mobilize support for increased investment in education.

    The campaign underscores the urgent need for governments to prioritize public education and invest in teachers. This includes ensuring fair labor rights, favorable working conditions, competitive salaries, and recognition of teachers’ expertise and contributions to decision-making processes.


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