Tens of thousands evacuated from massive China floods


Heavy rain in China’s Guangdong province has led to severe flooding, forcing the evacuation of nearly 60,000 people from their homes. At least three people have died, and 11 others are missing. Images and videos on state media and online show vast areas submerged in water, with rescuers using lifeboats to evacuate residents.

The flooding has been caused by several major rivers overflowing their banks, and authorities are closely monitoring water levels, which are said to be “dangerously high.” While the level of one river was predicted to reach a rare peak, it had not yet occurred by Monday noon.

Guangdong, home to around 127 million people, is particularly vulnerable to flooding due to its low-lying geography. The province, known for its manufacturing industry, including the major cities of Guangzhou, Shaoguan, and Heyuan, has been heavily affected.

The heavy rains have led to power outages for about 1.16 million households, with many homes collapsing or sustaining severe damage. The economic loss is estimated to be nearly $19.8 million.

Videos shared online depict the swift-moving floodwaters causing destruction to infrastructure, including walls and bridges. Residents have described the terrifying experience of trying to protect their homes from flooding.

Meteorological authorities have warned that the heavy rain is expected to continue in Guangdong and neighboring Fujian province until at least Tuesday. Other parts of China, including Beijing and Hebei, are also expected to experience moderate to heavy rainfall.

This flooding event is reminiscent of last July when Beijing and surrounding provinces faced severe flooding after typhoons hit the region, resulting in the heaviest rainfall in 140 years.


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