The Jocelyn Nungaray’s family thankful for Trump’s support post her alleged murder by illegal migrants.


The tragic murder of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray in Houston has sparked deep emotions and calls for justice from her grieving family. Jocelyn,killed by two Venezuelan nationals who were in the United States illegally, has become a focal point in discussions surrounding immigration policy and crime.

Kelvin Alvarenga, Jocelyn’s grandfather, expressed gratitude towards former President Trump for his support during this difficult time. He acknowledged Trump’s outreach to Jocelyn’s mother, stating, “With former President Trump reaching out, my blessings to him and God bless him.” Trump had also highlighted Jocelyn’s murder during a debate with President Biden, calling it “horrible.”

Alvarenga, however, cautioned against exploiting Jocelyn’s death for political gain, emphasizing, “I want them to know her name as well.” He expressed a preference for the suspects to face life without parole rather than the death penalty, wanting them to live with the memory of their alleged crime every day.

Jocelyn’s grandmother blamed her murder on what she termed “open borders,” adding to the contentious debate on immigration policies. The suspects, Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel and Franklin Jose Peña Ramos, both in their twenties, allegedly sexually assaulted and then strangled Jocelyn after luring her beneath a bridge in Houston.

The case has prompted discussions on bail laws in Texas, with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick advocating for “Jocelyn’s Law,” which seeks to deny bail for capital murder suspects. This initiative has garnered support from crime victim advocates and officials alike, aiming to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Reflecting on Jocelyn’s aspirations, Alvarenga shared, “She would always say that she wanted to be a superstar,” and vowed to keep her memory alive by fulfilling her dreams. Despite the family’s grief and the circumstances of her death, they are determined to celebrate Jocelyn’s life and legacy.

The community has rallied around the family, with local figures such as “Mattress Mack” offering to cover the costs of Jocelyn’s funeral expenses, showcasing the outpouring of support and sympathy for the Nungaray family during this heartbreaking time.

The legal process unfolds and the community mourns, Jocelyn Nungaray’s story has become a symbol of resilience and a call for justice. Her family’s unwavering determination to honor her memory and seek accountability for her alleged perpetrators resonates deeply with many, ensuring that she will be remembered not just as a victim, but as a cherished individual whose life was tragically cut short.


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