The leader of Myanmar’s military junta has urged for unity and emphasized that the military is holding power only on a temporary basis.


In his address during Myanmar’s annual Armed Forces Day parade, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the leader of the ruling junta, reiterated that the military’s assumption of power was intended to be temporary, with the ultimate goal of strengthening democracy in the country. He emphasized the importance of unity among the people and the military in confronting armed groups that are attempting to disrupt plans for holding future elections.

The general highlighted the challenges faced by the military, including ongoing uprisings in various regions and the need to stabilize the economy following the coup. Myanmar is currently grappling with a complex civil conflict, with the military engaged in combat against ethnic minority rebels and an armed resistance movement that emerged in response to the junta’s crackdown on anti-coup protests.

Min Aung Hlaing’s remarks also addressed allegations of human rights abuses by the military, including accusations of atrocities committed during its suppression of dissent. While the junta has denied these allegations, reports of air strikes, artillery attacks, arbitrary arrests, torture, and executions have raised international concern.

Furthermore, the general accused opponents of resorting to violence, looting, and spreading misinformation to destabilize the country. He asserted that the military is being targeted by false narratives propagated by international media and social media users. Additionally, he claimed that certain foreign powers are interfering in Myanmar’s internal affairs by supporting armed groups against the military, although he did not provide specific evidence to support these claims.

Overall, Min Aung Hlaing’s address reflects the ongoing political tensions and violence in Myanmar, as well as the junta’s efforts to justify its hold on power and counter international criticism.


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