The UN refugee chief criticizes the Security Council for its inaction amid the worsening global displacement crisis.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, delivered a scathing critique of the Security Council’s response to the global refugee crisis during a session on Thursday. Grandi highlighted the alarming statistic that 114 million people worldwide have been displaced due to war and persecution, with the number expected to rise further in the coming months.

Addressing the Security Council, Grandi expressed disappointment over the lack of action since he last reported the figures in October. He emphasized that the situation has only deteriorated, citing increased violations of international law and heightened pressure on humanitarian workers. Despite the passage of seven months, the Security Council has failed to address the growing crisis effectively.

Grandi drew attention to the devastating toll of conflicts in regions such as Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Myanmar, where tens of thousands have lost their lives. He criticized the Security Council for its inability to address these conflicts and its failure to foster meaningful dialogue among its members.

The Security Council, often divided by tensions among its permanent members with veto power, has been unable to provide a cohesive response to the global refugee crisis. Grandi lamented the council’s lack of unity, describing it as a “cacophony” that has contributed to chaos and suffering worldwide.

Despite the grim outlook, Grandi urged the Security Council to take decisive action to address the root causes of displacement and conflict. He emphasized that it is not too late to prevent further suffering and called for concerted efforts to save millions from the scourge of war.

The UN refugee chief’s remarks underscored the urgent need for international cooperation and solidarity in addressing the refugee crisis. As conflicts continue to escalate in various parts of the world, the plight of displaced persons remains a pressing humanitarian concern.

In response to Grandi’s comments, the Security Council must reassess its approach to addressing conflicts and displacement. Greater diplomatic efforts and collaboration among member states are essential to finding lasting solutions to the refugee crisis.

The Security Council’s failure to effectively address the refugee crisis not only perpetuates human suffering but also undermines the principles of international peace and security. As the custodian of global peace, the council has a moral obligation to prioritize the protection of vulnerable populations and work towards sustainable peace and stability.

Moving forward, the Security Council must prioritize the protection of civilians and address the root causes of displacement through diplomatic engagement, conflict resolution, and support for humanitarian efforts. Only through collective action can the international community hope to alleviate the suffering of millions affected by conflict and persecution.


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