Today’s Wordle #880 Hints, Clues And Answer For Thursday, November 16th


We’re officially in the back-half of November, a week out from Turkey Day, 20 days away from Wordle #900 and hurtling toward Christmas. I can dig it.

Yesterday was Wordle Wednesday. Every Wednesday we double up the challenge of a normal Wordle with some kind of brain teaser or riddle. Then, on Thor’s Day I reveal the answer. Here’s what I gave you yesterday:

Three logicians walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “Do all three of you want a drink?”

  • The first logician says: “I don’t know.”
  • The second logician says: “I don’t know.”
  • The third logician says: “Yes.”

The explanation is pretty simple. The key is that the bartender asks if all three of the logicians want a drink. So the third logician knows that if the first or second logician hadn’t wanted a drink, they would have said “No” and since he does want a drink, he can safely say that all three want one. If either of the first two hadn’t wanted one, they could have answered the question posed by the bartender with “no” but since they didn’t know what the next logician would say, they had to answer “I don’t know” even if they wanted a drink. I hope that makes sense.

Alright, Wordle up!

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