Tourists are urged to leave places unchanged after their visit.


Northumberland County Council is intensifying efforts to promote responsible tourism through its annual Love It Like It’s Yours campaign. As the summer holidays approach and visitor numbers surge, the council aims to ensure safety and environmental preservation across its attractions, especially highlighting key issues like Holy Island tide safety, water hazards, and wildfire prevention.

Rooted in principles akin to the countryside code, the campaign emphasizes the importance of leaving natural environments undisturbed and unharmed. This approach not only enhances visitors’ experiences but also aims to minimize ecological impact.

The recent relaunch of the Love It Like It’s Yours campaign follows a rescue operation involving individuals and a dog trapped by rising tides on Holy Island causeway. Paul Jones, director of environment and local transport services, underscores the campaign’s crucial role in disseminating safety guidelines to tourists. “Our message is simple: treat these places with the same respect you would your own home,” Jones emphasizes. He stresses the preventable nature of incidents like strandings due to tidal changes, urging visitors to check tide schedules before venturing out.

Jones also highlights the fire risks associated with dry conditions, where discarded items like barbecues and glass can easily spark wildfires. The council urges visitors to refrain from using barbecues and to responsibly dispose of litter. Additionally, Jones warns about the dangers of cold-water shock, particularly for inexperienced swimmers seeking relief from the heat.

The campaign’s objective is clear: to ensure that tourists not only enjoy their visit safely but also contribute positively to preserving Northumberland’s natural beauty. By adhering to these guidelines, visitors play a pivotal role in safeguarding these environments for future generations.

Northumberland County Council’s proactive stance reflects broader efforts across the tourism industry to promote sustainable practices and enhance visitor safety. By integrating these initiatives into public awareness campaigns like Love It Like It’s Yours, the council seeks to foster a culture of responsible tourism that benefits both visitors and the environment.

Tourism numbers increase during peak seasons, such initiatives become increasingly vital in mitigating risks and promoting responsible behavior among visitors. The council’s approach combines education with practical guidelines, empowering tourists to make informed decisions while exploring Northumberland’s diverse landscapes and attractions.

The countryside code serves as a cornerstone of the Love It Like It’s Yours campaign, offering a set of principles that guide visitors on how to enjoy and respect natural environments responsibly. These guidelines include respecting wildlife, leaving gates and property as found, and minimizing littering and noise pollution.

By aligning with the countryside code, Northumberland County Council reinforces its commitment to sustainable tourism practices. The campaign’s emphasis on leaving no trace and respecting local habitats encourages visitors to adopt behaviors that safeguard natural resources and preserve biodiversity.

The recent incident on Holy Island causeway serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of understanding local conditions and respecting natural hazards. Jones emphasizes that such incidents can be easily avoided through basic precautions and responsible behavior.

The Love It Like It’s Yours campaign promotes community safety by reducing risks associated with outdoor activities. By raising awareness about tide times, water safety, and fire prevention, the council aims to minimize emergencies that strain local rescue services.

The council’s partnership with local stakeholders and community groups enhances the campaign’s effectiveness in reaching a wide audience. Collaborative efforts ensure that safety messages are disseminated effectively and resonate with both residents and visitors.

The Love It Like It’s Yours campaign extends beyond safety and environmental conservation to encompass a broader ethos of stewardship and respect. By encouraging visitors to treat Northumberland’s landscapes with care and consideration, the council fosters a sense of shared responsibility for protecting natural heritage.

Tourists play a pivotal role in the success of the Love It Like It’s Yours campaign by embracing its principles and advocating for sustainable tourism practices. By incorporating these values into their travel experiences, visitors contribute to the long-term preservation of Northumberland’s scenic beauty and cultural richness.

Northumberland County Council remains committed to evolving the Love It Like It’s Yours campaign in response to changing visitor trends and environmental challenges. By adapting strategies and incorporating feedback, the council aims to enhance its impact and ensure that Northumberland remains a welcoming destination for responsible travelers.

The Love It Like It’s Yours campaign embodies Northumberland County Council’s dedication to promoting responsible tourism and safeguarding the region’s natural assets. Through education, advocacy, and community engagement, the council empowers visitors to enjoy Northumberland’s treasures while preserving them for future generations.


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