Why US is top choice for Indian students aspiring to study abroad despite affordability, safety concerns


Oxford International’s Student Global Mobility Index (SGMI) report found that many Indian students want to study in the United States. They value the quality of education there. The report, released on April 22, showed that 69% of Indian students prefer the US, while 54% like the United Kingdom, and 43% choose Canada. Australia was the pick for 27% of students.

The report also highlighted concerns about the cost, safety, and security of studying abroad. Many students mentioned the high quality of education and the reputation of US universities as reasons for choosing to study there.

Interestingly, most Indian students said their parents or guardians have a big influence on their decision to study abroad. This trend was seen in students from other countries too, like Nigeria, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

When it comes to affordability, some Indian students prefer the UK because of lower fees. Scholarships are also important, with many students choosing Australia because of the opportunities for financial aid.

Mohit Gambir, Managing Director at Oxford International Education Services, said the survey ranked the US as the top choice for study, followed by the UK.

Gambir emphasized that the US is highly favored as a study destination, with the UK closely behind. The report sheds light on the factors influencing students’ decisions, including the influence of parents or guardians and the importance of affordability and scholarships.

The findings of the SGMI report provide valuable insights into the preferences and concerns of Indian students regarding higher education abroad. The high regard for the quality of education in the US, coupled with the reputation of its universities, makes it a top choice for many aspiring students.

However, affordability remains a significant consideration for students and their families, with some opting for countries like the UK due to lower fees. Additionally, the availability of scholarships plays a crucial role in students’ decision-making process, with many turning to countries like Australia for opportunities to receive financial aid.

Overall, the SGMI report highlights the complex factors that influence students’ decisions regarding higher education abroad. By understanding these factors, educational institutions and policymakers can better cater to the needs and preferences of students, ultimately enhancing the global mobility of students and promoting international education opportunities.


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