Winners And Grades As Randy Orton, CM Punk Return


Randy Orton returned to WWE in a heated men’s WarGames match as the Team Cody Rhodes prevailed. After the main event, CM Punk also returned to WWE to a massive pop.

WWE Survivor Series 2023 (WarGames) advertised a men’s WarGames match, with the return of Randy Orton, a women’s WarGames match two titles on the line. GUNTHER defends his historic Intercontinental Championship reign against The Miz while fellow final boss Rhea Ripley defends her WWE Women’s World Championship against Zoey Stark.

Survivor Series WarGames from Chicago was overshadowed by rampant rumors of a CM Punk return, though various outlets have denied that there’s any smoke to this fire. For now.

WWE Survivor Series 2023 Results | November 25, 2023

  • Team Bianca wins Women’s WarGames
  • GUNTHER def. The Miz | WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • Santos Escobar def. Dragon Lee
  • Rhea Ripley def. Zoey Stark | WWE Women’s World Championship
  • Team Cody Wins Men’s WarGames

WWE Survivor Series 2023 Ticket Sales

  • WWE SmackDown Venue: Allstate Arena (Rosemont, Ill.)
  • WWE SmackDown Tickets Distributed: 16,809
  • Available Tickets: 115

WWE SmackDown Winners and Grades

Team Bianca Wins Women’s WarGames Match

Michael Cole was sure to reiterate that the if anybody escaped the cage in WarGames, their team would forfeit. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I don’t think Cole would have highlighted that rule if it didn’t play into either of these matches.

Bayley and Becky Lynch started a match that had a ton of heat early on.

Fans wasted no time chanting “we want tables,” and when Shotzi hit the ring, she brought in every weapon except the table.

The babyfaces won the fan vote for the man advantage, leading to the always-awkward two babyfaces vs. one heel moment.

Iyo Sky wrestled her fifth WarGames match before Charlotte Flair wrestled her first.

Iyo Sky hit a double springboard dropkick, from one ring to the other, and fans immediately started chanting her name.

Bianca Belair was out next, and she had two braids for this match. Needless to say, she made use of both of them.

“This is Awesome” chants were drowned out by a countdown to the next combatant—Kairi Sane.

Fans once again chanted for tables as Kairi made her way to the ring, and once again, they were completely ignored.

Kairi Sane was launched into Shotzi in an impressive elbow spot.

Charlotte was out next for her WarGames debut. As she unleashed a barrage of chops, Kairi fell down before Charlotte could deliver a chop and Michael Cole was more than amused.

Iyo Sky was able to get another garbage can into the cage by dropping a chain to Dakota Kai and having Kai hook the chain to the trash can. Iyo put the can on her head and dove onto the field. The “holy s—t” chants were much deserved.

Asuka finally introduced the table to a loud pop as the heels in this match continue to act like babyfaces.

The obligatory Tower of Doom was actually interrupted by stereo power bombs from Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch, followed by an insane moonsault from Charlotte Flair.

There was a sequence where Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch co-existed like hell. Fans applauded them for working together, and popped even louder when they hugged it out.

Bayley took the bullet for Kairi Sane as Charlotte laid her out with a spear. Bayley went on to take everybody’s finisher, and even went through a table.

Even though Bayley took all those bullets, it will likely still lead to Damage CTRL turning on her.

Women’s WarGames Grade: A-

GUNTHER Def. The Miz

Backstage, Sami Zayn said Randy Orton didn’t show up and fans immediately started chanting for CM Punk.

As expected, GUNTHER dominated and bullied Miz in the early goings of this match.

The Miz came back with an awkward hurricanrana and kicks, but GUNTHER immediately extinguished Miz’s fire.

The Miz hit GUNTHER with two low blows and a Skullcrushing Finale for a huge reaction and a nearfall.

GUNTHER won with a Lion Tamer and deflated the crowd similar to when GUNTHER cuts a promo. A solid match though.

The Miz vs. GUNTHER Grade: B-

Santos Escobar Def. Dragon Lee

The Chicago crowd treated Dragon Lee like a massive star, and I promise it will not fall on deaf ears in Stamford.

Santos Escobar went full AEW by ripping away at Dragon Lee’s mask, and the Chicago crowd chanted “culero!”

Santos Escobar is doing just fine as a heel, but Dragon Lee came off as the bigger star.

Santos Escobar vs. Dragon Lee Grade: B

Rhea Ripley Def. Zoey Stark

Zoey Stark wore bearclaw facepaint while Rhea Ripley sported a makeshift mowhawk with crow-like facepaint.

Fans were behind Ripley with loud chants of “Mami,” but the story of the match early on was Zoey Stark getting the better of Ripley, who struggled to figure Zoey out.

After bouncing Zoey Stark off a post, Ripley took control of the match.

Rhea Ripley hit a chokeslam off the top rope and Stark overcorrected for a very scary bump. Thankfully, Stark was okay.

Rhea Ripley vs. Zoey Stark Grade: C+

Team Cody Wins Men’s WarGames, CM Punk Returns

Drew McIntyre entered alone, while the Judgment Day walked out as a unit. All members of the Judgment Day glared at McIntyre suspiciously, especially Damian Priest, who was face-to-face with McIntyre throughout the entrance.

Men’s WarGames opened with loud “CM Punk” chants and WWE only has itself to blame. The chants continued throughout WarGames.

JD McDonagh’s new nickname is “the necessary evil.”

Jey Uso entered the match to “yeet” chants and Drew McIntyre was none too pleased.

McIntyre was set to enter, only for Damian Priest to nix it and enter himself. This got a big reaction from the crowd.

Unlike in the women’s WarGames match, it was the babyface (in Sami Zayn) who introduced the table. Fans exploded, chanting “Ucey!” and “thank you Sami!” To this point, Sami was the most over babyface in the match.

McIntyre entered last, running through the field and stalking Jey Uso like how a lion stalks a wounded gazelle.

Jey and Sami pulled off a 1D and it did not get the pop it deserved.

During Cody Rhodes’ entrance, Michael Cole said “Cody Rhodes also invented a big event in this city as well!”

In another “can they coexist” moment, Rhodes and Rhodes teamed up for a double clothesline with a weapon.

Dominik Mysterio got insane heat before he was even let out of the cage. Mysterio leaned into the reaction with his patented Three Amigos suplexes.

Fans finally got around to chanting “Randy,” but the chants were promptly drowned out by more “CM Punk” chants.

After the final countdown, and after Seth Rollins had been put through a table, Rhea Ripley hit the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase and a referee. This brought out Randy Orton to a massive pop.

Orton and Uso teased tension, only for them to co-exist as well.

McDonagh tried to escape through the cage, which would have lost his team the match.

Orton hit an RKO to a flying JD McDonagh to a huge reaction. Cody Rhodes won the match by pinning Dominik Mysterio.

Men’s WarGames Grade: A-

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