Women’s ice hockey finds a winning formula with new pro league


The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) just finished its first season, and it’s been a big hit! The league has teams in both the US and Canada, and people are really excited about women’s hockey. This is a big deal because other attempts at making a women’s hockey league didn’t work out so well.

The final game of the season happened in Montreal, and a whopping 21,105 people came to watch! That’s a record for a women’s hockey game. The game was between teams from Montreal and Toronto, and it was a huge success.

Overall, almost 393,000 fans went to see PWHL games in different cities like Boston, New York, and Ottawa. Jayna Hefford, who works for the league, said it’s been an amazing season full of new experiences and records.

Jayna, who used to play hockey professionally and even went to the Olympics five times, thinks the league’s success is partly because of its diverse fanbase. Many people who weren’t big fans of hockey before are now excited about the PWHL.

One person who got into hockey because of the PWHL is Treena Grevatt. She’s from England but moved to Canada in 2000. Before, she wasn’t really interested in hockey, especially the men’s league called the NHL. But when she heard about the women’s league coming to Ottawa, she wanted to support it. She went to a game and was really moved by the experience. Now, she’s a big fan and loves watching the games.

Unlike other women’s hockey leagues that struggled financially, the PWHL is doing well. It’s backed by a big company and even has support from famous tennis player Billie Jean King and some politicians. Plus, the players in the league get paid real salaries, which is a big deal. It’s not as much as the NHL players make, but it’s a step in the right direction for equality in sports.

Heidi Van Regan, who goes to a lot of PWHL games in Montreal, thinks this is important. She says it’s breaking barriers and showing that women can do anything in hockey, not just play. The league also gives opportunities to women who want to work in sports media, like broadcasting or writing about hockey.

But not everyone is convinced yet. In some cities like Boston and New York, the league hasn’t caught on as much. Some fans think the league needs to do more to get people interested, like better advertising.

Right now, the league is in the middle of the playoffs. Teams from Montreal, Toronto, Boston, and Minnesota are competing to win the championship. It’s an exciting time for fans, and everyone is eager to see who will come out on top.

Looking ahead, the PWHL hopes to keep growing and getting more fans excited about women’s hockey. They want to expand the league and reach even more people in the US, Canada, and maybe even other countries.

Jayna Hefford believes that the league is inspiring a new generation of hockey players. Now, young girls can see that they can have a career in hockey just like the boys. It’s a dream come true for many aspiring athletes, and it’s all thanks to the success of the PWHL.


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