You Must Watch Steven Yeun Voice Invincible In The Recording Booth


Invincible is finally back, and almost immediately gone again after years of waiting for its second season. The first four episodes, half of season 2, have ended, culminating in a wild finale last week, with part 2 coming some time in 2024.

The final episode featured some incredible voice acting in a series that is full of incredible voice acting and the most star-studded cast any animated project has probably ever seen. This is all lead by Steven Yeun, Walking Dead actor turned Oscar nominee, who reunited with his old friend TWD creator Robert Kirkman to voice the titular character of Invincible.

This midseason finale (spoilers) reunited Invincible with his father, Omni-Man, after he was nearly killed by him and he flew off to who knew where. Turns out that place is a bug planet that is about to be under siege by other Viltrumites as punishment for him fathering a bug-based purple child.

The confrontation scene between Invincible and Omni-Man is powerful, and now the show has released a clip of Steven Yeun recording some of its best lines in a new short video. In the booth he’s not playing off JK Simmons, just doing his own lines, but you can see just how damn good he is at this:

Just really incredible stuff here from Yeun, who has been a severely underrated actor up until his Oscar nomination for Minari in 2021. There is really not a bad Steven Yeun project I’ve seen. AMC messed up killing in him The Walking Dead, even if that’s what the comic mandated, and he never returned again, even for a guest spot, as I suspect he didn’t love how that went down. But besides Minari, watch him in anything, Beef, Nope, Burning, Sorry to Bother You, Okja, Mayhem, he’s just fantastic (especially Burning, go watch Burning).

Robert Kirkman has big plans for Invincible, wanting the show to have seven to eight seasons on Amazon, hopefully sped up a big from the current timeline, which was affected by COVID and other situations. Some fans are upset the show is back after all this time then it immediately takes an indefinite break, but most others understand that animators should not be worked to the bone to spit out these things faster than they can.

In any case, I look forward to many more years of Yeun and JK Simmons in Invincible if that is indeed the plan that Amazon gets behind. Lord knows they need all the high quality shows they can get, and their bread and butter appears to be violent superhero shows between this and The Boys.

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